The Streets of Brighton took place on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th May. Enjoy an outdoor period drama, giant prawns doing a striptease, lively outdoor music from a group of frogmen, blokes in pubs, an incredible gong shower, a hydraulic caravan and some splendid, pulsating tree lights.

Ramshacklicious, Brighton Fringe, UK

Artists featured/mentioned/could be heard in background:-

  • Swervy World - were the Deep Sea Jivers
  • Tantrum Theatre - were The Prawns
  • Spiral Flight - performed Caravan of Desires
  • Ramshacklicious - (pictured) performed The Road to Nowhere
  • Paka the Uncredible - performed Flogging a dead horse
  • Orkestra Del Sol - performed Fanfare
  • Hoodwink - performed Pleasure Garden
  • Aswarm - Gather (The lights in the trees)