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Birdy Man - Tim Bat

I often wondered who the guy was behind the bird whistling man who walked the streets of Brighton. I recently had the pleasure of spending 50 minutes with him - and this is what I found…

Kemptown Carnival 2012

A montage of people enjoying the Kemptown Carnival, Brighton, UK. Andy gets a custard pie in the face and finds out what a positive experience this can be…

Final Week - Brighton Fringe 2012

We talk to Julian Caddy, Brighton Fringe MD at the Hendrick’s Library of Delightfully Peculiar Writings and Damian Barr, Curator and Host of the venue, then we take a look at all the Cultural Olympiad’s Dip Your Toe project and all its bathing machines.

For Families - Week 2 - Brighton Fringe 2012

We chat to Julian Caddy about the hundreds of shows for families at Brighton Fringe 2012, before having a look at The Hurly Burly - Brighton Fringe’s first ever family dedicated venue.

Week One - Brighton Fringe 2012

We speak to Brighton Fringe managing director Julian Caddy about the first week of Brighton Fringe, take a look at some exciting new performance spaces and take in the atmosphere at Fringe City.

Headcase - Touched Theatre - Brighton Fringe 2012

Andy chatted with Beccy Smith and Darren East of Touched Theatre about their production, Headcase. It’s the first time anyone’s given a name to my furry microphone wind cover - from now on, it shall be kown as Gordon (more likely Brown, not the gofer).

#22: Acampada Brighton

I first noticed an encampment on the Old Stein yesterday. Today I spoke to Carlos Genova, a resident of the camp, about what it’s all about. It goes under several names including Spanish Revolution and Global Revolution - but I like the Twitter tag - #AcampadaBrighton (apparently this is going on in many countries across the world so you can just substitute Brighton with many other cities). In essence - it’s all about peace, giving and environmental responsibility.

Duncan Sibbald - Keep Taking the Tablets - Brighton Festival Fringe 2011

I chatted to Duncan Sibbald who wrote and produced Keep Taking the Tablets

  • a moving and funny play about mental health and mental health services. Duncan told me about the story and inspiration behind the play which is based on his mother’s mental illness and the challenges he faced looking after her.

#21: Jon Barrenechea of the Duke of York's Cinema

Andy speaks to Jon Barrenechea, manager of the Duke of York’s Cinema in Brighton, who tells us about the history of the cinema, the ledgend of the roof legs, and how to join the cinema.

#20: Sam Chara - street opera performer

I met Sam on New Road last year - I was attracted by her superb opera style singing (which I could hear several streets away). I made the first part of the recording last year, and the second part of her singing just a few weeks ago in March 2011.

Anima - The Karavan Ensemble - Brighton Festival Fringe 2011

What have a load of missing lamps from Hollingdean got to do with the Big Lemon Bus and a facinating light and dance performance? Sarah Chambers talks to Yael Karavan and Claire Wearn, of the Karavan Ensemble to get some answers.

#17: Giovanni sings Elvis

I was in one of my favourite cafes this morning, La Gigo Gi, and found Giovanni, the owner, playing guitar and singing away - and he was good! I’ve known him for a few months now and recently recorded one of our Social Media White Noise podcasts there - where he made a brief appearance. By the way - his meatballs with pasta is one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

#14: Trance Music in Pavilion Gardens

Another mesmerising treat here with Didgeridoo, Hang Drum and Drums played to perfection. We are so lucky to have folks like this performing publicly and freely in Brighton.

#12: Stop Starbucks!

I speak with Louis Loizou who is heading a weekly protest against Starbucks who opened in St. James Street, Kemptown despite the council turning their application down.

#11: Anston House Protesters

In June 2007, to the anger of many Brighton residents, developers arrived on land next to Anston House, Preston Road, Brighton and bulldozed about ten mature oaks and copper beeches which had Tree Protection Orders.

#9: Pride 2007

Andy does his best to get a feel for Pride even though he arranged to go visit his in-laws on the day - Wooooops!

#8: Ingenious at the University of Sussex

Meet a guy who regularly performs a three point turn - with an atom! Learn how to measure the charge separation in a neutron - and change the course of String Theory. Hear about a technology that could fly you from Tokyo to New York in under two hours.

#7: Hang Drum and Didgeridoo Music

Strolling along Gardiner Street in the North Laines, I heard these two guys producing an amazing sound, they were Danny and Matias, who call themselves Rishikesh. I just had to record them for the show. Matias was playing the didgeridoo and Danny had what looked like an up-side-down wok - actually a hang drum. Enjoy.

#6: Brighton Festival Reviews 2007

Opinions and thoughts on some of the acts in the Brighton Festival from two of our reviewers Jo in Brighton and Lee in Shoreham. Listen in to see what they thought of Dr Ivor Hairy Bum and Dr Willy Wee, Cirque Surreal, He Said She Said, Slaughterhouse, Ida Barr and The Caesar Twins.

#4: The Streets of Brighton

The Streets of Brighton took place on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th May. Enjoy an outdoor period drama, giant prawns doing a striptease, lively outdoor music from a group of frogmen, blokes in pubs, an incredible gong shower, a hydraulic caravan and some splendid, pulsating tree lights.

#3: Queens Park - May Day in Albion

On the first Sunday every May, Queens Park in Brighton becomes host to a bunch of May Day celebrations from green-clad nymphettes doing fertility dances around a maypole, to live theatre, to folk bands. Despite cool, grey skies, there was plenty happening - I’m glad I went!

#2: Fringe City

With mike in hand, I venture into Jubilee Square to capture the essence of Fringe City. I meet a man wearing a judge’s wig, a man with giant cardboard ears and a man making funny sounds with a guitar, a laptop and lots of wires. I also meet lots of lovely people who promise to review the performances they see during the festival - horah!

#1: Children's Parade

The children’s parade opens the festival every year. This year the theme was inventors and inventions and over 70 schools from in and around Brighton took part.

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